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A dream I have always had has come true. I've produced Champion titled dogs.


Welcome to my passion! 

Updates to improve your Bulldog experience with us are made often, so check back, and thank you for your patience. Any information that changes from what you recall seeing, is done in an effort to improve, not to confuse. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. I feel opinions are wonderful and great when presented as such. The practice of bashing is not encouraged, nor do I waste time listening. Not in the business of putting down other bloodlines or dogs as different people have different ideas and beliefs as to what makes an ideal French Bulldog. Integrity and respect is important, and appreciated in return. If you live within driving distance, we have an open door policy and welcome your questions. Dont be in a hurry. If you are not familiar with the breed, or a first time dog owner, a Bulldog may not be a suitable addition to your home.

You will find a variety of prices and claims. Verify show points with the registry if a claim is made that they are champions or from champion lines. If this is true, the titles will reflect in their pedigree, or check with the registry. Look at a front, back, and side view of the parents, and see them in person if at all possible. If it is a repeat breeding, ask for pictures. The previous litter should be young adults and give you an idea of what they produce. If it's a first time breeding, previous generation pictures are a must if you are not familiar with the bloodline. If you havent seen the past 3 generations or so it is hard to know what tone the puppies will take as they mature. If anything is crooked, there is a percentage of pups that will inherit that structure. Straight front and back, well proportioned and good pigment are my pet peeves. If you  are contemplating breeding be responsible and do it right. Many puppies are for sale at various prices-just because it is expensive doesnt mean it is a good deal, and just because it is reasonable doesnt mean there is something wrong with it. Do your homework before you invest in a dog. Compare research and shop. Look at what different breeders have done, what type of dog they produce. You will be much happier in the long run, whether your final decision takes you to me, or elsewhere. I want you and your dog to be a good match and happy-that is the ultimate goal. Avoid getting a dog you will be unhappy with later because you didnt pay attention or didnt take the time to learn before you leaped It's not fair to the dog as unfortunately the dog is not choosing where he goes, you are. There are marketing ploys in the dog world too. Just like buying a car, pictures can be deceiving. Look under the hood.

Enjoy your visit and I appreciate emails should you have any problems viewing any of the material. 


Double Barrel Bulldogs the dream


Owned and Operated by Kim Alexander.



To tell you a little about myself, I became mesmerized as a teenager, watching a retired Colonel work with his World Winning Utility Titled German Shepherds that he had imported from Germany. He had a dog that was one of 5 in the world that held the equivalent number and degree of utility titles. His routine used hand signals and was amazing to watch. I became addicted than and made my mind, one day......25 years later I came across and American Bulldog. Just went to the kennel to do some research on the breed. I came home with a 4 month old pup, Razz. I have had dogs my whole life and cant imagine not having a couple around. What they give in exchange for some water, food and a pat on the head is priceless and should never be taken for granted.


With a breeding program in mind,  I intend to achieve a well rounded, balanced dog that will be known for their ideal representation of the breed. A small hobby kennel with no immediate plans to have more than 2 or so litters a year. I care a great deal about my dogs and the quality of dog produced by this kennel. Learning as I go, researching constantly. (Click here to see some bulldog breed health issues)

 Our general approach to every day HEALTH ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS

I am a firm believer in using a veterinarian if you dont know what is wrong with your dog, however I also believe in using my own judgement as I know my dogs, and some veterinarians treat "symptoms" as it is less time, trouble and initial expensive for the owners pocket. I believe in trying to treat the cause and have done extensive research in using natural or holistic treatments. They are inexpensive, and easier on the dog. They may take more time and effort, however the results are well worth it. Treating allergy symptoms with prednisone can create a vicious cycle of vet bills and visits. An over abundance of yeast manifests it's self as allergy symptoms. Click for more information on Health Issue Information

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