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A $500.00 Deposit is generally required to hold a puppy and can be paid via Moneygram or PayPal to [email protected]. Deposits are non refundable in some cases however will be credited towards purchase of a dog or future litter. As we are not in the business to keep money or "guarantee a sale later" refunds will be given on a case by case basis.

We are not in this for the almighty dollar, A guarantee is provided to cover congenital defects. Please see Guarantee below for more detail. A health certificate will be provided for any shipped animals. We reserve the right to refuse to sell an animal to any person or person(s). A refund will be considered for any monies paid under this circumstance. Any signs of abuse or neglect voids your guarantee, and could lead to prosecution under the laws of animal protection. .

The cost to Air Ship runs approximately $350-$400 or more, and requires a pet nanny as they cannot be shipped as cargo.

Ground shipping estimate is $260-$500 however i do not advise if more than a day travel time is required for a puppy.

All health certificate expenses must be paid in full prior to shipping and by 7 weeks of age. Puppies will not be shipped until they are 8 weeks old. Ground shipping arrangements/pet nanny arrangements are to be made by the buyer and payments are made directly with the transport service by the new owner.



Disclaimer-This agreement represents the intent to protect the animal, the new owner and the breeder. We as the breeder cannot be held responsible for contagious disease, infections, allergic reactions or parasite infestation after initial examination has been performed by your veterinarian. It is recommended that you do not expose your new puppy to the general public, areas where other dogs frequent, i.e. un-necessary exposure to bacteria for 30-45 days or prior to 2 weeks after 3rd vaccination. Since there are a multitude of scenarios and impossible to address each and every one, i.e. this guarantee is a basic promise/guideline. We understand there are/will be situations that deem it necessary to modify said agreement.

I. Your New Puppy _______initial

A. Within 48 hours of possession (excludes Sunday) puppy should be examined by a veterinarian, the breeder reserves the right to have an additional examination by breeder's veterinarian within the next 48 hours as a condition of the guarantee to substantiate claim of a health issue.

B. Puppy food will be provided and should be fed for the first week before gradually changing the food. Only premium food containing no corn, wheat or soy products/by products is advised to avoid health issues and excessive veterinarian bills. It is also contingent of replacement guarantee. See list.

C. Should you not be able to care for or keep the dog purchased from our kennel, we are to be given first option to own the dog before it is re-homed or sold. Do not turn it into a shelter, contact us for arrangements.

II. Vaccinations/Preventative Treatments _______initial

A. Puppy has been given appropriate vaccinations and worming as age permits.

Continue vaccinations as advised by your veterinarian.

B. Heartworm preventative treatment must be maintained.

C. Evidence of not providing proper vaccinations or heartworm preventative will void guarantee.

III. Guarantee Details _______initial

A. Breeder will guarantee against congenital/genetic defects (unless otherwise agreed upon) that will seriously affects the dog’s quality or length of life, to 12 months of age. Guarantee is void and null if the dog has been bred. Breeder reserves the right to have an examination performed by a veterinarian of choice as a condition of this guarantee/agreement. For owners outside of a 100 mile radius, this will be avoided in most cases however breeder retains the right to have 2nd examination done by a local vet of breeder’s choice near residence of animal. Written proof and test results along with a letter of explanation from a licensed veterinarian must be provided to substantiate claim within 30 days of diagnosis/test results. Each situation will be reviewed and handled on a case by case basis.

B. Should it be determined that the health defect/issue is not due to neglect, (withholding food, inadequate quality of food, water, or necessary medical treatment) environmental factors, excessive time in cramped space, crates etc), breeder will replace the dog with one of comparable quality from the next available litter unless otherwise agreed upon, understanding there are one or two litters a year. Ownership may be retained for any dogs with congenital defects (at the breeder’s discretion); however at the owners expenses proof of spay/neuter must be completed prior to replacement.

C. Due to the adverse affects that improper nutrition can have on large breeds, we will not guarantee a replacement for any nutrition factorial conditions/diseases. It has been proven that in many cases over feeding, excessive calcium, high protein, being housed in confined spaces, on hard surfaces (linoleum, wood floors, concrete) can and will cause joint, pastern and or cartilage damage. Please note; Defective socket structure is often a genetic defect. Feeding your new puppy Dog food that contains mostly corn, grain fillers or protein content above 26% before 12 months of age will void agreement/guarantee. It is a good idea to save receipts to substantiate the brand/quality of food that has been fed.

IV. Breeding Advice _______initial

A. Females generally should not be bred prior to 2nd heat cycle generally 16-24 months of age, and at least a 12 month interval between litters.

B. Males generally should not be bred prior to 16 months of age

C. Never breed a dog if their health or temperament is questionable.

*I.E. American Bulldogs (small breeds are seldom prone to HD) Hip Dysplasia evaluation must be Penn Hip no earlier than 18months of age, and a copy of the x-rays made available to the breeder for review should said dog be diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia. DI in both hips must be more than 0.60 in hips and socket depth/femur coverage less than 35% (or malformed socket structure). As this is not a perfect science please ask if you have any questions. Each review is handled on a case by case basis. In the event of replacement, owner will need to provide proof of spay/neuter or euthanasia at breeder’s discretion. If shipping was paid to obtain the animal, (up to 50% for a reasonable shipping expense i.e. max $175) will be absorbed by the breeder towards the replacement shipping. If the owner is within 300 miles, local pickup will be expected and breeder will often be able to meet part way.

Signature Page

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Papers/registration (unless otherwise specified) will be mailed at a later date if pending due to registry processing. Puppies produced by Double Barrel Bulldogs will retain the kennel name at the beginning of their registered name i.e. DBLBB’s or Double Barrel’s xxxxxx

AKC Papers:


Birth Date _____________ *Discounted Animal __ yes __no sold with/without breeding rights (NCL/ICHTHYOSIS tested CLEAR)

In the event a discounted animal is purchased as breedable/no breeding limitations and a replacement puppy is warranted, the purchase price is credited toward the replacement puppy i.e $1000 would be credited towards the balance of a pick puppy unless otherwise agreed upon.

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I, Customer have agreed to purchase an XXXXXXXX for the amount of $XXXXXX and accept/acknowledge the terms of * agreement/guarantee.

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